Impact Investing

The goal of impact investing, and Crowd Bootstrap, is to generate a measurable, beneficial, social or environmental impact with a financial return. While impact investing is a fast-growing source of foreign direct investment for emerging economies, the rapid increase of available funds is outpacing the availability of attractive local projects and companies. By helping local businesses qualify for impact investment, Crowd Bootstrap closes this gap. It also ignites local entrepreneurship which will drive long-term economic and financial development.

Crowd Bootstrap® (3 USPTO Patents)

The Crowd Bootstrap startup accelerator App gives entrepreneurs access to the funding and business knowledge they require to accelerate their startup journey.

Crowd Bootstrap raises capital from impact investors, including family offices, instead of institutional investors. This capital raise is underwritten by a gold-backed stable coin. Crowd Bootstrap invests in social impact companies that have the potential for high growth. As these companies grow, the share price of the Crowd Bootstrap fund will eventually equal the price of its stable coin. At that time, the Crowd Bootstrap fund will sell enough of its shares to re-purchase its stable coins. The impact investors will have funded their social impact companies and can also sell their stable coins to recover the initial capital raise.

Alternatively, the impact investors can exchange their stable coins for Crowd Bootstrap shares. In this case, the stable coins will have provided downside protection and the shares will provide upside potential.

Therefore, Crowd Bootstrap empowers impact investors to recover their investment and also fund high-growth social impact companies. Impact investors can do well by doing good.

The Crowd Bootstrap App also provides access to a crowd of experts who leverage their expertise and industry best practices to help entrepreneurs accelerate their business progress.

“The Aggregate Value of Assets Committed to the Crowd Bootstrap Program
for tokenization is US$1 Billion.”

Mr. Ampofo

“Chief Executive of Tafo with the President of Ghana.”

Siaw David Frempong

“Silf has invested its large-scale concession into the Crowd Bootstrap program.”

References - Videos Reference videos that support the desire for Africa Beyond Aid℠.

Tokenization of
Natural Resources

President of Ghana - Mining Indaba 2019.

The problem of illegal mining in Ghana.

Destructive illegal mining in Ghana.

References – Documents Reference documents for Crowd Bootstrap’s Theory of Change for Africa Beyond Aid℠ through entrepreneurship.

“Theory of Change for Africa Beyond Aid through entrepreneurship”

Our "Sweat equity" seed investment helps prepare startups for their Sscurity Token Offering.

Risk Mitigation

Academic study of illegal mining in Ghana

Meetings with Entrepreneur Miners In September 2018, Crowd Bootstrap received authorization from the Government of Ghana to operate an ICO/STO Website and Crypto Currency Exchange. The Founder of Crowd Bootstrap, met with a number of gold mine concessionaires to explain the Crowd Bootstrap program. Within one-week, entrepreneur gold miners, who have aggregate gold reserves that exceed US$4 Billion, signed Letters of Intent to participate in the Crowd Bootstrap program. Within 4 weeks this increased to US$16 Billion.

Listening to entrepreneur gold miners in Ghana to understand their challenges and needs.

Explaining the Crowd Bootstrap program to entrepreneur gold miners in Ghana.

Trail blazing entrepreneur miners.

Crowd Bootstrap has provided seed funding for local miners.

After a hard week of work, you have to replenish your soul and your mind.

Selected Disadvantaged EntrepreneursAll types of Entrepreneurs from all over Ghana will benefit from the expertise and funding arranged by the Crowd Bootstrap program. The following is a selection of entrepreneurs who we are proud to be able to support.

Dillys Ahiabgenyo

Dillys Ahiabgenyo is a gold miner from Juapong in the Volta Region and a mother of three beautiful boys.

Nana Ahunbrasie

Nana Ahunbrasie is from Prestea in the Western region of Ghana.

Curtis Amlado

Curtis Amlado is a gold miner with 10 years of experience.

Francis Addae

Francis Addae has a large scale gold mine in the Wassa Amenfi District in Western Ghana.

Daniel Jr.

Daniel Jr. is very excited about using blockchain technology to monetize Africa’s vast natural resources.

Local Success Team Crowd Bootstrap provides expertise as well as funding for Entrepreneurs. This expertise includes access to industry best practices, practicing experts, and the Crowd Bootstrap Success Team. The objective of the Success Team is to visit gold mines and help entrepreneur gold miners overcome mining, business and financial challenges in order to maximize their probability of success. The success team will also conduct audits to ensure each gold mine in the portfolio is operating in the optimal manner to maximize the satisfaction of all of its stakeholders.

Cyril Edem Nyarku

Cyril Edem Nyarku, is a qualified professional Accountant.

Thompson Felix Nii Aryee

Thompson Felix Nii Aryee is a Mining and Exploration Geologist.

Theophilus Kwame Amuzu (MVT III)

Theophilus is an expert in the efficient use of heavy mining equipment, such as excavators.

Michael Isaac Turkson

As Acting General Manager, Michael has responsibility for overall mine management.

Eric Safo-Larbi

Senior Environmental Officer, responsible for land reclamation after mining operations are complete.

Board of Advisors - Ghana The objective of the Board of Advisors – Ghana is to set the direction for Crowd Bootstrap in Ghana and to use their influence to remove any local roadblocks that may hinder the execution of Crowd Bootstrap’s competitive strategy in Ghana. The Board is comprised of a number of influential thought and opinion leaders in Ghana.

Mr Obiri-Yeboah Tsumasi

Mr Obiri-Yeboah, Chief Inspector of Mines.

DDP Patience Baffoe-Bonnie (MrS)

Commanding officer of James Camp Prison. A Lawyer, a Social worker, Human rights advocate and a professional Corrections Officer.

Lawrence Kojo Yankson

An accomplished Metallurgical Engineer with 30 years working experience in the gold mining industry in Ghana

Michael Ampim Sackey (PhD)

Michael is an expert in mining operations and management.

Angelina Amponsah

Angelina is a Human Resource Management Practitioner.

Board of Advisors - International The objective of the Board of Advisors – International is to set the international direction for Crowd Bootstrap and to use their influence to remove any roadblocks that may hinder the execution of Crowd Bootstrap’s global competitive strategy. The Board is comprised of a number of influential thought and opinion leaders.

Early Boykins

Blockchain Venture Capital (U.S.)

Dr. Jonathan Thomas

Investment Banking (U.K.)

Keith Downer

Blockchain & FinTech (U.S.)

Byron Yee

Blockchain Evangelist (U.S.)

Ian Freeland

Mining Consultant (Australia)

Local Core Team The Crowd Bootstrap team is responsible for the definition and execution of Crowd Bootstrap’s competitive strategy worldwide.

Mark Lawrence

Founder Crowd Bootstrap

Siaw David Frempong

Co-Founder Silf

Dr. Joseph Sarfo

Co-Founder Silf



Cyril Edem Nyarku


PROBLEM: Gold Mines in Ghana Lack Access to Funding

Lack of funding is the root cause of illegal mining

illegal Mining

Endangers lives

Destroys farm land

Pollutes the environment

Lack of funding forces gold miners to sell out

Give an 80% Equity Stake to a Foreign Multinational



Disenfranchises the Community

SOLUTION: Mitigate the Funding Void by Tokenizing Natural Resources

Obtain a Loan by Selling Debt Tokens

Fund Mining Operations

Sell Gold to Repay the Loan

Retain Earnings as Bullion (Collateral)

Lease Gold-Backed Collateral to Clients

Silf Mineral Resources Limited



Silf’s Mining Concession

Silf’s Gold Mine has More Than US$1B in Gold Reserves

Silf’s Corporate and Social Responsibility

Silf's Elevator Pitch

Letter of Invitation from Silf’s Local Municipality

Assessment by Australian Mining Consultant

Letter from The Minerals Commission 

Stakeholder Consultation

In compliance with Environmental Impact Assessment procedures, Silf has consulted with all relevant stakeholders to understand and address all of their environmental concerns. The organizations that Silf has consulted include:

  1. Environmental Protection Agency
  2. Minerals Commission
  3. Water Resources Commission
  4. The Abuakwa North Municipal Assembly
  5. Fanteakwa South District Assembly
  6. Fanteakwa North District Assembly
  7. Inspectorate Division of Minerals Commission
  8. Security Agencies
  9. The Chiefs and people of Osiem, Tago & Heman

Silf Recycles Some Profits into Sustainable Social Impact Projects



Eco-Mining, Eco-Farming, Eco-Tourism

Renewable Energy


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