About Us

In 2001, the Founder of ProcessGuru, Inc. was invited to Ghana by Minister Churcher, to propose solutions to specific national challenges. After this trip, the Founder incorporated ProcessGuru in California, USA as a project management organization. ProcessGuru eventually recognized that some of its clients did not have equal access to funding. Venture capital was absent in many emerging economies and under privileged communities. This funding gap represents a substantial opportunity for more inclusive sources of venture funding. ProcessGuru’s solution is Crowd Bootstrap.

Crowd Bootstrap’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) business model is an alternative to standard venture capital for entrepreneurs who do not fit the standard perception of a "unicorn" creator. However, given funding, many of these entrepreneurs are actually capable of surpassing their perceived ceiling.

Crowd Bootstrap’s DeFi VC business model replaces venture capital by raising capital from impact investors, such as Family Offices. Typical VC funds raise capital from institutional investors. However, to reduce investment risk to impact investor levels, Crowd Bootstrap underwrites its capital raise with a stable coin. The impact investors can sell the stable coin at any time to recover their investment. However, when the price of a Crowd Bootstrap share equals the price of the stable coin, the impact investors can sell their stable coins back to Crowd Bootstrap and purchase its shares. Meanwhile, Crowd Bootstrap can use its capital raised to fund companies that provide a profit but also drive social impact. This is the expectation of typical impact investors. This expectation empowers Crowd Bootstrap to fund entrepreneurs who’s companies can make a profit while providing social impact in emerging economies or in under privileged communities. This closes the inclusive funding gap created by standard venture capital models.

Crowd Bootstrap is a graduate of the Y-Combinator startup school. It also has 2 USPTO patents for its solution, that is represented as a convertible stable coin, managed in a secure communication environment. This secure communication environment is an online marketplace, and App, that allows entrepreneurs and consultants to exchange goods and services. The consultants apply their expertise to help the entrepreneurs accelerate their startup journey. Crowd Bootstrap’s Impact investors, stable coins and consultants replace the institutional investors, a high risk/return capital raise and mentors provided by traditional venture capital.