About Us

Crowd Bootstrap is a “sweat equity” startup accelerator. Its use is only permitted in authorized jurisdictions

We curate business knowledge and best practices to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business ventures. We also give entrepreneurs access to experts and the expertise they need to fully understand, and accelerate, each step in their startup journey.

Each Crowd Bootstrap Fund is comprised of a fixed number of blockchain Tokens. It invests its Tokens into approved startups in return for equity. Each startup can use its Tokens to purchase business services from Experts. The Tokens, received by these Experts, represent shares in that Crowd Bootstrap Fund. The time investment by each Expert is therefore diversified across all of the startups in that Fund’s portfolio. In addition, each startup only has one investor on its capitalization table – namely Crowd Bootstrap.

The initial use case for Crowd Bootstrap is to help move “Africa Beyond Aid” through entrepreneurship. Local entrepreneurs acquire ownership rights for natural resources, such as a license to mine gold and diamonds. We help them develop their business model and white paper then launch a crowd sale when the project is “shovel ready”. Entrepreneurs use the proceeds from the crowd sale to fund their mining operations.

We plan to initiate a public pilot in Africa.